Friday, 15 December 2017

Eggs: Last Resort or Life Saver?

What’s the last thing sitting in your fridge before you finally give in and head to the grocery store? For me, it’s usually a half-full carton of eggs.

Don’t get me wrong—I love eggs. They go in my soups, my stirfrys, and occasionally on toast. But I just don’t crave eggs like I do other foods, so they tend to stick around in my fridge for a while, (plus it helps that they don’t go bad as fast as produce).

But this has resulted in a strange love-hate relationship with eggs. I love the fact that when all my other food options are gone, I always have eggs. I can pretty much always count on a quick meal of scrambled eggs and siracha.

The only downside is that this meal has become my absolute last resort. I associate it with a lack of options. I don’t consider eggs a joy to eat, but rather a punishment that I must endure because I wasn’t responsible enough to get to the grocery store in time.

 It seems unfair. Eggs don’t deserve such a bad rap, especially since they are always there for me when I need them most. But, oh, how I despite them, staring back at me—a mirror reflecting the shame of my procrastination and laziness.

I should give eggs a little more love. They make a great Hollandaise sauce. They make popovers fun and delicious. And they go great in my ramen. And frankly, they are just plain good for me too. Talk about an easy, complete protein.

Maybe I need to find new ways to throw eggs into my meals so they aren’t the last thing sitting in my fridge each month.

Please help me! Send me your egg recipes and suggestions—either by email or the in the comments below. I’ll try them out and report back soon.

Seriously, get these eggs out of my fridge.

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