Friday, 15 December 2017

Lobster for Days a Short Trip

There is a place where you can admire a rocky coastline under the gaze of magnificent lighthouses, all while eating your weight in lobster. This place, my friends, is Maine. Home to cheerful locals, gorgeous sunsets and some pretty fantastic breweries, this trip was short, sweet and unforgettable.

We flew into Boston and rented a car for the short drive up to Portland, where we gazed at this amazing lighthouse. In the distance you can see another, and to the left, another! Lighthouses everywhere! With a cool breeze wafting off the water, it was almost chilly in the shade — a nice change from the 90+ days in DC.

We also did a quick tour of Allagash Brewery, where we learned the history, saw some beer get made, and the highlight of the visit—sampled some new beers. Below is our awesome travel group, (minus one we had to grab later because of a delayed flight.) All those hours in the car definitely brought us closer. (But let’s never bring up shark “attacks” versus shark “encouters” ever again.)

For breakfast one way, we grabbed some mashed potato donuts and local iced coffee. There is something so different about a mashed potato donut—it’s denser, a little heartier—but the taste was divine. I had chocolate coconut

And then a few more hours in the car took us up to Acadia National Park. If you do anything in Maine, you need to go here.  This is me taking a mental picture of the sunset up on Cadillac Mountain.

This lovely lady was designated driver for the trip — the real MVP right here!

The next day we we went hiking!

And we made it to the top! :D

Then we found a lake to swim in and picnic next too.

And then we found some rocks to climb!

Are you taking this all in? Because these pictures don’t even do this moment justice… You feel completely dwarfed in the presence of these rocks—amazed by nature and completely in the moment of it all.

Sometimes you just want to sit by the water and breathe…     

And of course, the real rock star of this trip:


It was an amazing trip, great times were had and let’s be real, regardless of what we did, I’ll continue to look at these pictures and dream of beautiful things….

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